Stove Ecofan Thermometer

SKU: 3-8

Monitors stove top temperature for optimal fan performance
Locate Fan Thermometer on the top surface of your woodstove,
near the base of your stove fan.
Heat-powered stove fans (such as Ecofan®) should be located on top of your woodstove away from the flue pipe. This allows your fan to access cooler room temperature air as needed for proper operation. 

Part # 3-8

General guidelines for best performance: 

1) Below 65°C (150°F) Too cool for fan operation 

2) 65–150°C (150–300°F) Best zone for low speed fans 

3) 150–345°C (300–600°F) Best zone for high speed fans 

4) Above 345°C (600°F) Overheating; excessive fan blade speed


Stove Ecofan Thermometer
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