Frequently Asked Questions

At Woodman's Parts Plus we strive to provide the best customer service possible.
Whether it's about shipping, back-ordered parts, or a return, find answers to some of our most asked questions below.
If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please don't hesitate to call us at 603-522-8216.

What are the "Terms of Sale"?
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Once items are placed in the shopping cart and the all the information including shipping and credit card has been entered, the final step is Finish Checkout. Once the Finish Checkout button has been clicked and the transaction has been submitted for payment, the buyer has accepted the terms of our company's payment, shipping and returns policies.

What is a Special Order Part?
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A special order is a part that we do not stock at our warehouse. The part will be charged to your credit card and then ordered to be shipped to us. We provide this service to help our customer get obsolete or unusual parts they need for their stove. There are no returns or cancellations on special order parts. Once an order is placed as a special order there is no cancellation and the customer is still responsible for the payment.

What if my part is back ordered?
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If for any reason you have not received your order within 2 weeks, please contact our customer service department at 603-522-8216 to track your order. If a part is backordered we do not confirm with an e-mail or by phone. The item, when received by our shipping department, will be automatically shipped to the customer. On some backorders it could be 6-8 weeks for delivery. If a customer does not want an item that is backordered, they are more than welcome to contact our customer service department and have the item cancelled.

How do I program my remote control?
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Programming Instructions for the SIT GSR2 Remote Control can be found HERE

Do you do plating?
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No we do not do plating here, but we do have some links for a few companies that do. You can find more info in the "links" section of our site.
De Tray Plating Works
Precision Plating of Quincy email: wmbarn@att.net

Can you repair my stove?
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No, we do not repair, but we can provide you with the parts required to do the repairs on your stove.

Does Cast Iron have a Warranty?
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No, we do not warranty cast iron parts.

Will my cast iron part need extra work done to it when I receive it?
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Yes. All cast iron parts should be seasoned before using in a normal coal or wood stove fire. Some of our parts are no longer available through the manufacturer because they have been discontinued. So in order to keep the part available for our customers we remake these parts. In the process of recasting a part, some parts might need additional grinding and/or drill holes put into the part in order to have the part work correctly. The customer would have to do this grinding and/or drilling. We recommend doing the additional work BEFORE seasoning.

How do you Season Cast Iron?
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There are No Warranties on cast iron parts. All cast iron parts should be seasoned before using in a normal coal or wood stove fire. This can be done in two different ways.
The first way is three to five small kindling fires in the wood stove. These fires should be small and in between each one the stove should cool.
The second way for seasoning cast iron is taking the new piece of cast iron and placing it into your oven. Start the temperature of the oven at 325º and then every 30 minutes go up 25º until the oven reaches its highest temperature. Do not touch, cast will be HOT. Then let the parts cool.
After either of these steps are done, you are ready to start burning your stove.

I received my part today and there are no holes drilled in it. Can you tell me why?
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We do not drill holes in some of our parts because when we recast the part it shrinks an 1/8" per square foot. Also if your stove is an older stove the heat of burning the stove could have slightly changed the location of the part. If we had drilled the holes they would not line up correctly, causing problems with the installation of the part. So we have found the customer needs to mark and drill the holes in order to have them line up correctly. The holes should be marked and drilled with a standard drill bit BEFORE the cast iron part is seasoned.

Can I place an order on the website and pick it up at Woodman's Forge & Fireplace?
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Unfortunately, our website is not set up for order pickup. If you would like to order and pick up, please contact our retail store Woodman's Forge & Fireplace, in East Wakefield New Hampshire at 603-522-3028, and they will be happy to help.
Click here for directions to Woodman's Forge and Fireplace

Does the site reflect current inventory?
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No, our system is not connected to our inventory. Available parts usually ship within 1-3 business days.
To check availability, call us at 603-522-8216.

How much do you charge for shipping?
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Shipping cost is calculated based on the size and weight of the items purchased.

Why is the cost for shipping different when I order over the phone?
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Shipping costs on our website are reduced due to automation. You will save money on shipping if you order through our website.
Shipping on phone, fax and all dealer orders are billed at the actual shipping rate.

Do Next Day Air, Second Day Air, or Three Day Air get my order get shipped sooner?
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No, we ship orders in the order they are received. Next Day Air, Second Day Air, and Three Day Air apply once the order is shipped by our team.

Is International Shipping offered through Woodman's Parts Plus?
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Yes, we do offer international shipping through our customer service department over the telephone. USPS is used in order to track orders and to be able to process damage claims in case the part gets damaged during shipment. For All International Shipments, Woodman's Parts Plus will not be responsible for the duty or tax to your location. There is sometimes an additional charge applied through USPS when shipped. We can quote shipping to other international locations, please see the contact us page for information. We will need a physical address, items and quantities. If an order is placed we would require a phone number and if a business is placing an order we need an individual name for custom forms.

How long will it take for my order to get to me?
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If your item is in stock, it should ship out of our warehouse within 1-3 business days. Time in transit could take anywhere from 1 to 7 business days to get to you, depending upon your location.

Can I change a shipping address once I've placed an order?
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We're sorry, shipping information cannot be changed once your order has been submitted. We process orders very quickly, and once an order begins the fulfillment process we are unable to modify it. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we hope that in the majority of cases, our faster processing times work to your advantage. If you have questions about your order, please contact us at 603-522-8216.

Can I cancel an order through email?
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No, we do not cancel orders through email. If you have to cancel your order please call 603-522-8216 and talk with a customer service representative. We are not responsible for the 20% restocking charge if the customer does not contact us to cancel the order.

What if I have a problem with an order I've received?
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Please contact us if you have a questions or need assistance with an order you've received. If you need to return an item contact us at 603-522-8216 for an RA number (return authorization number).

Should I contact you or the carrier with questions about my package?
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If you have any questions about the delivery of your order or if you're wondering about the status of a backorder, please contact us at 603-522-8216.

Do I have to be present when an item shipped by freight is delivered?
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Yes, someone must be available to sign for the delivery from the freight carrier at the scheduled time.

Will the freight company carry the item into my home?
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For most freight items, delivery is "to the curb." The driver is not responsible for carrying the package into your home. Please arrange for help to move the item if needed.

What do I do if the package looks damaged?
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Inspect the package for damage before signing for the delivery. If the package is damaged but the merchandise looks unaffected, note the damage on all delivery receipts before signing. If the package is damaged to an extent the merchandise may be damaged, refuse delivery and call our Customer Service department at 603-522-8216.

What if I discover a problem with the item after accepting the delivery?
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If you discover a problem, please call our Customer Service department at 603-522-8216. We may be able to resolve the problem without requiring you to return the item. You should retain all packing material until you’re completely satisfied with the condition and performance of your purchase. This will make it easier to return the item if necessary.

What should I do if I receive a product and it is damaged because of shipping?
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We are sorry that your shipment has arrived damaged and want to help to make it right. Please notify Woodman's Parts Plus at 603-522-8216 as soon as possible to report the damage. Have your packing slip available when you call. Please be advised that we will assist you in making this right.
The following steps need to be taken to process a claim.

  • You need to retain the damaged item and the packaging material at your location for at least 5-7 working days. The freight carrier may come by to inspect or retrieve the package.
  • If possible, please send pictures of the damaged shipment to us at sales@woodmanspartsplus.com This will to allow us and the freight carrier to see the damaged item and the condition of the box and packaging material as well as speed the process.
  • Paperwork will be made out by a customer service representative at Woodman's Parts Plus.
  • All paperwork and picture(s) will be submitted to the freight carrier to initiate the damage claim process. We will take care of this.
  • Damage Claims are followed on a daily basis and as soon as a claim is approved we will reship your order or issue a credit.
  • If you require the damaged part replaced sooner, you can place a new order. Once the claim is resolved, we will then issue a credit for the initial order.
Damaged shipments are an inconvenience for all involved. Your assistance in this process is critical. Your failure to assist us in this process can result in claim denial by the carrier.


How do I return an item that is delivered by freight?
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If you wish to return or exchange such an item, please call Customer Service at 603-522-8216. We will arrange the return shipment with a freight company.

How long do I have to return an item?
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Woodman's Parts Plus return policy is 30 days. After this time no credit or exchanges on returns will be allowed.

What is the return policy on stove blowers, electrical parts, and gas valves?
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We have a no return policy for stove blowers, electrical parts, and gas valves. Please make sure the items are a correct fit before you order.

Is there a restocking fee on items returned?
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If an item is ordered by a customer and the customer wants to return because the part is wrong or is not needed, Woodman's Parts Plus will charge a 20% restocking fee and will pay no shipping for the return of the order. If the part is exchanged for the correct item, our customer service department may waive the restocking charge.

Can I get a return authorization by emailing?
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No. Please call our customer service department to assist with a return authorization number. They will be able to get the correct information to make sure the part is received back into our warehouse and is credited properly. Our Customer Service Department can be reach at 603-522-8216.

Where should I ship my return?
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After contacting our customer service department at 603-522-8612 for an RA number, please use the address below.
(Refer to your packing slip for detailed instructions on what information to include with your return.)
Ship return to:
Woodman's Parts Plus
Return Good RA#________
587 Pine River Pond Road
East Wakefield, NH 03830

I need to return an item, what do I need to do?
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If you have purchased an item that needs to be returned, please do the following steps:

  • Call our customer service department at 603-522-8216 for a return authorization. We will not accept any returns without the Return Authorization number written on the outside of the box. All unauthorized returns will be refused and sent back to the originating location. There is a 20% restocking charge on all uninstalled parts and we do not pay shipping for the item(s) to be returned to us.
  • Package the part(s) to prevent any damage or opening of the box.
  • Put the return authorization number on the outside of box as instructed by our customer service rep.
  • Customers are expected to insure their return for any damages or loss. You are responsible for the part(s) until our warehouse has received and inspected the returned product.
  • If sending through USPS (post office) insure the package for the value of the product in case it gets lost or damaged. The Post Office will not pay a claim unless the package has insurance on it.
  • If returning via UPS or FedEx the package will be insured for the first $100.00, but anything over $100.00 additional insurance will have to be purchased.
  • Make sure you get a tracking number to ensure that the part gets back to our warehouse.
  • Credits are done once a week and it usually take 3-4 working days for the credit to be returned to your account.
  • We do not accept installed parts back for credit.