Excel Roof Support


EXCEL chimney is specifically engineered for wood burning stoves, fireplaces and residential furnaces and it is suitable for use on appliances that burn:

- Wood - Oil - Coal - Gas - Charcoal

Allowable Flue Gas Temperatures 
Max Continuous 650°C (1200°F) 
Brief Forced Firing 925°C (1700°F)
Tested To 1150°C (2100°F)

Clearance to Combustible Materials
2" clearance except in areas protected by factory-built supports certified for reduced clearance. EXCEL round and square supports permit the chimney to be installed with approximately 1 inch of clearance - in the area shielded by the support.

Flue: .016" stainless steel
Casing: .016" stainless steel
Seam: Interior and exterior seams are continuous
seam welded
Insulation: Thermoplus continuous blanket
Wall thickness: 1"
Paint: All black EXCEL components are painted
with Forrest “Stove Bright” flat black paint

The roof support is primarily used when it is difficult to use a round or square support in a cathedral ceiling. It can also be used above an offset, or to provide additional support when the chimney height exceeds the capacity of the primary support. The roof support utilizes a universal band, so that the
same support fits 6, 7, & 8 inch chimneys. It is made with adjustable brackets, which allow it to adjust easily to any roof pitch.


Excel Roof Support
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