Excel Locking Band


EXCEL chimney is specifically engineered for wood burning stoves, fireplaces and residential furnaces and it is suitable for use on appliances that burn:

- Wood - Oil - Coal - Gas - Charcoal -

Allowable Flue Gas Temperatures
Max Continuous 650°C (1200°F) 
Brief Forced Firing 925°C (1700°F)
Tested To 1150°C (2100°F)

Clearance to Combustible Materials
2" clearance except in areas protected by factory-built supports certified for reduced clearance. EXCEL round and square supports permit the chimney to be installed with approximately 1 inch of clearance - in the area shielded by the support.

Flue: .016" stainless steel
Casing: .016" stainless steel
Seam: Interior and exterior seams are continuous
seam welded
Insulation: Thermoplus continuous blanket
Wall thickness: 1"
Paint: All black EXCEL components are painted
with Forrest “Stove Bright” flat black paint

EXCEL insulated components are designed to be fastened together with the stainless steel screws provided with each part. In some cases, it may be desirable to install a locking band for  aesthetic purposes. The locking band is designed to overlap the two beads immediately above and below the
chimney joint and fastens with a 1/4" bolt. All three screws are required even when the ELB is installed.

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6" (Dia)
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