4-Piece Fireplace Tool Set - Antique Brass - Ball Handles

4-Piece Fireplace Tool Set - Antique Brass - Ball Handles
This exceptional set of fireplace tools provides double the benefits for your money. Not only does it contain well-built, long-lasting tools that get the job done year after year, but it also projects an artistic feel thanks to a beautiful antique brass finish. The decorative handles are designed with ease of grip in mind, so that you can maximize the use of the shovel, tongs, poker, and brush. When you're finished and it's time to store the tools, they hang securely on a stable, 32-inch high stand that sits on a solid rectangular base. You'll be thankful for the high grade Minuteman craftsmanship during the colder months, but you'll appreciate the stylish look all year round. Antique Brass Plated
  • All parts are individually wrapped in plastic. Each rod is identified for ease of assembly.
  • Well proportioned handles for a good grip
  • Baked-on clear lacquer finish for years of easy care without tarnishing
  • All rods are solid stock to ensure durability
  • 5" wide natural Tampico fiber brushes for texture and heat resistance
  • Large, heavy gauge, shovel with 3 rivets for added durability
  • Cast iron poker tips
  • Full-size base;


4-Piece Fireplace Tool Set - Antique Brass - Ball Handles
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