Vanilla Candle Pound Cake

Vanilla Candle Pound Cake - Part# 59575
This particular vanilla soy wax candle is poured in a cast iron pound cake stamp and makes a perfect gift idea for your friends or yourself. 

Benefits of American Soybean WaxTM include:
Clean Burning - No Soot!
Completely Natural
Environmentally Friendly
Sustainable and Renewable Resource
Supports the American Farming Community

Factory Located in Ohio
Employs American Workers
Independently Lab Tested for Purity and Safety
Member of the National Candle Association
100 % Cotton Wicks, Always Lead-Free
American Made Components

Our American Soybean WaxTM wax burns pure, with beauty and aroma, plus, it burns longer than paraffin AND is made from a naturally renewable source.
For best results, please follow these burning suggestions: burn 4 to 6 hours to create a large wax pool, extinguish, cool, relight.
We have increased our oil content to the maximum that the wax will allow for soot free burning. Please avoid drafts, as this will cause some smoke. Because a low temperature flame is not able to completely combust the wax fuel, it is important that the wick remain still, centered, and draft free.
Swan Creek Candle Company(R) dedicates every effort to creating superior candles. Our demanding purity, cleanliness and burn standards have kept us searching for new and innovative wax products. This all natural wax out performs petroleum-based paraffin in every way. We believe American Soybean WaxTM is of exceptional quality and we know you will see the difference in our products!

Vanilla Candle Pound Cake

Vanilla Candle Pound Cake