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Are you looking for an antique stove?

Antique Stove Association
Web Site: 
For Antique Stove Collectors and Dealer in United States and Canada

Good Times Stoves
Web site: http://antiquestoves.net/dir/
located in Massachusetts

Web site: http://www.antiquestoves.com/index.htm
located in Michigan

Antique Stove Hospital
Web Site: 
located in Rhode Island

Ginger Creek Antique Stoves
Web Site: http://www.gingercreekstoves.com/
located in North Carolina


Are you looking for older gas, coal or wood stove restoration?

Stanley Iron Works
Nickel plating at a reasonable price. Stanley Iron Works also converts antique cook stoves to modern gas or electric ranges.
Contact: Stanley Iron Works (603)-881-8335
Website: http://www.stanleyiron.com/ 

Elmira/Northstar Stoves

Elmira Stoves
Website: http://www.elmirastoveworks.com/
Build your own Elmira Stove: http://www.elmirastoveworks.com/visualizer/antique/
Build your own Northstar stove: http://www.elmirastoveworks.com/visualizer/northstar/


Useful Information

Chimney Safety Institute of America
Web Site: http://www.csia.org/

Older Fireplaces and The Dangers of Asbestos
Web Site: https://www.asbestos.com/occupations/chimney-sweep/

Wood Heat
Lots of information on Wood Burning.
Web Site: http://www.woodheat.org/