Aladdin Lamp Lox-on Oil Gallery

SKU: N239N
Aladdin Lamp Lox-on Oil Gallery
The Aladdin Lox-On Gallery (top) is a common replacement part for the Aladdin burner. Galleries can get dented, damaged, or go missing from the lamp all together.
The Lox-On Gallery fits on Aladdin Lamp burners, Models 12, A, B, C, 21, 21C, and 23. This gallery (top) is designed for use with Aladdin Lox-On Chimneys #R103.

The Aladdin Lox-On Gallery was originally introduced with the Model 12 burner, setting it apart from other kerosene and coal oil lamps on the market at that time. The unique Lock On style features a twist and lock design. The Lox-On Chimneys have three small tabs at the base of the chimney which corresponds to the three metal tabs on the Lox On Gallery. These tabs meet up to hold the Aladdin chimney securely in place.
Due to the Lox-On style, it is important not to over tighten the chimney into the Lox-On gallery, or the chimney may crack when the lamp is in operation. The chimney should be "finger-tight" within the Lox On Gallery. The tabs on the gallery can be easily adjusted with a pair of pliers to provide a custom fit to your chimney. (All Aladdin chimneys are made of hand-blown glass and vary slightly.)

This brass Lox-On Gallery can be used on both Aladdin kerosene and electric burners.
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