Aladdin Brass Hanging/Wall Font

SKU: N226B
Aladdin Brass Hanging/Wall Font - Part# N226B

This replacement Deluxe Brass Lamp font (base) is designed for Aladdin Lamp brand hanging frame or wall bracket
Styling for this lamp font (base) dates to 1914, when Aladdin introduced their Model 5.

Constructed entirely of the finest solid brass, beautifully polished, and lacquered for a long-lasting, durable finish the Aladdin Deluxe Brass Hanging Lamp font is equipped with the largest capacity bowl.
It holds 1 1/2 quarts of kerosene, providing a full 18 hours of burning time without refilling.

Each lamp bowl is hand-soldered and sub-merged water-tested for leakage with 75 pounds of air pressure.

This Deluxe Brass Lamp Font will also fit original Aladdin Model 6 Hanging Lamp Frames.
Aladdin Brass Hanging/Wall Font
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