Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter, part # DM410
The DM410 is a full-sized multimeter that's packed with the high-end features like MIN / MAX capture, capacitance and frequency.
The large LCD display is backlit for easy viewing. Its combination of durability, visibility, and functionality are tailored to meet the needs of trade professionals.

  • 750 volts AC and 1000 volts DC
  • 10 Amps AC and DC
  • frequency to 40 Megahertz
  • capacitance to 40,000 microfarad
  • resistance to 40 Megohms
  • diode check function
  • auto-ranging
  • analog bar graph
  • continuity
  • CE listed CAT III
  • five year limited warranty

Accessories Included:

Test Leads            ATL55
Fuse: 0.5A            AF155
Fuse: 12.5A          AF160
Battery                 Std. 9-Volt
Boot                     AH190

Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter