Seasoning Your Cast Iron Stove Part  

Fran Weinroth

Wood Stove and Coal Stove Parts Should be Seasoned before use.

System 18 Liner
(pictured cast iron part)


How do you season Cast Iron Stove Parts?

Cast Iron parts should be seasoned before a stove is fired with the new parts. As a customer service representative I have come to realize that some people do not know the correct steps to season. I have heard stories such as just add a little oil to the part and cook it for awhile in the stove, then they are seasoned. Let me assure you this is not the correct way to season.

Woodman's Parts Plus has no warranties on cast iron stove parts. all cast iron should be seasoned before using in a normal coal or wood stove fire. This can be done two different ways. The first way is three to five small kindling fires in the stove. These fires should be small and in between each fire the stove needs to cool completely. The second way for seasoning cast iron is taking the new piece of cast iron and placing it into your oven. Starting the oven temperature at 325º and then every 30 minutes go up 25º until the oven reaches its highest temperature. (usually 500º) Do not touch the cast iron is will be HOT. Let the part cool, After all of the steps are done you are ready to start burning your stove.©