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GAS LOG SETS are the easiest way to add the pleasure of a hearth fire in your home. With realistic logs, a dynamic wood-like flame, and convenience options like a remote control, gas logs are the most popular hearth product on the market today. Gas logs come in vented and vent-free models. Vent-Free models don't need a chimney system.
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Damper Clamp BC-1 Gas Key Stem Extension 60521 Silica Sand (8 lb) Black or White 841 Safety Pilot Kit for NG 59PKN Real Fyre Valve SV-37 SV-37
Remote Safety Pilot Kit UMVK-NP Fyre Glass - Clear GL-10J-C Fyre Gems - Mint GLG-10J-M Battery Timer System FG-WWT Modulating Remote Control RCK-M
Dimplex Opti-Mist Electric Log Set DLGM29 Safety Pilot Kit for NG 71PKN Manual Gas Valve Flange 60326 Rutland Gas Log Soot Remover 570 Rutland Replacement Glowing Embers (12 oz) 585
9" Oak Branches BR-2 Spring Wound Timer SWTK Wireless Wall Thermostat FG-WWTH Rutland Replacement Rock Wool 587A Heat Shield / Valve Cover CFPVC
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