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Gas Lights

Humphrey Indoor Gas Lights
Indoor Gas Lights are an excellent alternative to electric lighting. Interior gas lights are easily installed in cabins, homes, fish shacks, and RV's. Millions of people have chosen gas lights as their answer to off-grid living. You can download the Humphrey Owner's Manual with troubleshooting instructions here
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Bunsen L10-71A Tie On Mantle L13-6-5PK Humphrey Gas Lights Classic Chrome 9CC Humphrey Gas Lights Pebble Gray 9PG Humphrey Gas Lights Polished Brass 9HPB
Humphrey Gas Lights Rustic Walnunt 9RW Clip-On Mantle L13-8 Gaslight High Altitude Gas Nozzle L9-52A Humphrey Gas Lights Hunter Green 9GR Gaslight Replacement Nozzle L9-50A
Pyrex Globe for Humphrey Gaslights L6-20 Humphrey Burner Nose L12-11A Gaslight Street Elbow L22-23A Burner Seals L24-15-6PK Humphrey Burner Nose L12-2A
Gaslight Pre-Formed Mantle L13-2 Gas Light Wall Plate Assembly L8-6C Humphrey Heat Deflector L5-17 Kit For Mounting Gaslight To Ceiling OPK Humphrey Gas Lights Natural Almond 9NA
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