Stove Lite Woodstove Powered Lantern and Fan

Stove Lite Woodstove Powered Lantern, Recharger and Fan
The Stove Lite is a traditional looking lantern that is anything but conventional. It contains a TEG Power thermoelectric generator - technology that makes it possible to create electricity from heat without moving parts.

The Stove Lite harnesses heat from your wood stove, converting it to electricity that powers its built-in LED light, as well as charging its battery and your smartphone, laptop or tablet device. The replaceable high temperature battery pack allows the lantern to emit light for up to 12 hours without being on a wood stove; the battery pack can also power a USB charging port so you can charge an external USB battery, a smartphone or tablet. Both models of the Stove Lite have a cooling fan which circulates the air in your house or cabin.

Whether you occupy an "off-grid" home (a house without infrastructure electricity), are preparing for a disaster / power outages, or are simply trying to make your home more efficient, the patented Stove Lite is an attractive and effortless solution to turn your wood stove into a miniature power plant.

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Stove Lite Woodstove Powered Lantern and Fan

Stove Lite Woodstove Powered Lantern and Fan