Slicer with 7-1/2" Blade

Meat Slicer
Perfect for home use, this slicer has a steel base with aluminum die-cast housing. The 80-watt motor slices fruits, vegetables, cheese and meat from deli-thin up to .6" thick. Stainless steel 7-1/2" blade spins at 110 RPM. Large 7-1/2" x 6-1/2 carriage tray. Detachable hand guard/ meat pusher. UL Approved.

Meat Slicer Advantages:

  • Thin-slice meat for the perfect omelet
  • Create party platters in minutes
  • Faster than the speediest carving knife


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Slicer with 7-1/2" Blade

Slicer with 7-1/2" Blade