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Amerivent Direct Vent Gas Pipe

Amerivent Direct Vent Gas Pipe, available in 4" and 5"
AmeriVent Direct Vent Pipe features rugged, co-axial tube construction with a stainless steel inner wall and a galvanized steel outer wall, separated by two spacers. Twist-lock joints offer fast installations. Factory-installed inner gasket ensures a leak-free joint. Also available in a painted black finish. To order painted black finish, add B to product Part No. (ex. 4D7B).

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Amerivent Direct Vent Gas Pipe
4D7B4" x 7" / Black EachQTY.$54.19Add to Cart
4D74" x 7" / Galvanized EachQTY.$28.24Add to Cart
4D12B4" x 12" / Black EachQTY.$57.02Add to Cart
4D124" x 12" / Galvanized EachQTY.$36.31Add to Cart
4D2B4" x 24" / Black EachQTY.$70.60Add to Cart
4D24" x 24" / Galvanized EachQTY.$50.42Add to Cart
4D3B4" x 36" / Black EachQTY.$88.72Add to Cart
4D34" x 36" / Galvanized EachQTY.$58.48Add to Cart
4D4B4" x 48" / Black EachQTY.$106.87Add to Cart
4D44" x 48" / Galvanized EachQTY.$72.60Add to Cart
5D7B5" x 7" / Black EachQTY.$61.74Add to Cart
5D75" x 7" / Galvanized EachQTY.$33.70Add to Cart
5D12B5" x 12" / Black EachQTY.$62.54Add to Cart
5D125" x 12" / Galvanized EachQTY.$38.31Add to Cart
5D2B5" x 24" / Black EachQTY.$76.62Add to Cart
5D25" x 24" / Galvanized EachQTY.$52.43Add to Cart
5D35" x 36" / Galvanized EachQTY.$62.29Add to Cart
5D4B5" x 48" / Black EachQTY.$133.08Add to Cart
5D45" x 48" / Galvanized EachQTY.$72.60Add to Cart