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Wood Stove Scents

Stove Scents are liquid potpourri for your stove. Stove Scent oils mix nicely in the water, instead of laying on top like a film of oil. With only a few drops, your house will smell clean and wonderful for hours.

Use the handy bottle dropper to add Stove Scent oil to any steamer, or to a ceramic Scent Stone. When the oil is heated, a pleasant, subtle aroma is released into the air. Simple, clean, and long-lasting, Stove Scents create a pleasing natural fragrance for any home environment.

Choose among six appealing scents:

Holiday Welcome - like a freshly baked pie, warm and fruity
Spice Cake - sweet, comforting, reminiscent of Grandma‚Äôs kitchen
Bayberry Crystal - clean and crisp as a freshly fallen snow
Carolina Breeze - soothing and airy, like a warm ocean wind 
Winter Garland - rich balsam and spruce, fresh evergreen
Serenade - pleasantly herbal, romantic, mysterious
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Wood Stove Scents
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