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Log Stacking Holders

Log Stacking Rack, available in 3 different styles
LR4K - Adjustable Length, 12" wide x 42" high (2 x 4 log rack kit)
LR44 - 14" wide x 45" long x 46" high
LR48 - 14" wide x 87" long x 46" high

  • Stores your Firewood Neatly and Safely Above the Ground. 
  • Protects your Firewood from Rot, Termites, and Insects! 
  • Firewood will Dry Quicker and is safer to burn.
  • Heavy Duty Metal Construction
  • Assembles in Minutes. 
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Log Stacking Holders
LR444 ft EachQTY.$62.05Add to Cart
LR488 ft EachQTY.$100.25Add to Cart
LR4KAdjustable Length EachQTY.$61.34Add to Cart
Use with
Log Rack Cover