Draft and Pressure Gauge

Draft and Pressure Gauges
The highly sensitive MZF Draft Gauge requires no liquid or tedious leveling; this dry type instrument is always ready for immediate use. The pointer's movement over scale is in direct proportion to the magnitude of the draft at the test point. Ideal for residential, commercial and industrial heating plants; to measure furnace draft and pressure drop across air filters.

Part # 



+1.0 to 0 to -5 mm Water Column 


+0.05 to 0 to -0.25" Water Column 


+0.05 to 0 to -1.0" Water Column

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Draft and Pressure Gauge
13-7018+1.0 to 0 to -5mm WC EachQTY.$324.24Add to Cart
13-7019+0.05 to 0 to -0.25" WC EachQTY.$286.67Add to Cart
13-7021+0.05 to 0 to -1.0" WC EachQTY.$286.67Add to Cart