Aladdin Lamp Electric Converter

Aladdin Lamp Electric Converter, available in brass plated or nickel
The Electric Power Kit is available as an option.  It replaces the oil burner assembly and uses common household current.  This feature of Aladdin lamps is unique and allows quick removal and restoring the oil burning capacity for emergencies. All Aladdin Lamps can be converted with this assembly. Replacement parts are available for both new and old Aladdin mantle lamps. For the correct model, check the wick turning knob on the burner.

  • N185N: Nickel Electric Converter Kit
  • N185B: Brass Electric Converter Kit
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Aladdin Lamp Electric Converter
N185B-CDBrass, Fits: A, B, C, 21, 21C, & 23 EachQTY.$77.95Add to Cart
 N185N-CDNickel, Fits: A, B, C, 21 21C, &23 EachQTY.$82.95Add to Cart