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Black Stove Pipe Reducer

Stove Pipe, Black Reducer - Small End Crimped 24 gauge
Available in standard sizes and metric sizes.
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Black Stove Pipe Reducer
5x4-6115 x 4 Inch EachQTY.$18.33Add to Cart
6x4-6116 x 4 Inch EachQTY.$18.78Add to Cart
6x5-6116 x 5 Inch EachQTY.$18.78Add to Cart
7x5-6117 x 5 Inch EachQTY.$18.78Add to Cart
7x6-6117 x 6 Inch EachQTY.$18.78Add to Cart
8x6-6118 x 6 Inch EachQTY.$21.13Add to Cart
8x7-6118 x 7 Inch EachQTY.$21.13Add to Cart
LM6-120mm x 6 Inch EachQTY.$49.83Add to Cart
05-124817-125mm x 6 Inch EachQTY.$45.83Add to Cart
175R62B-175mm x 6 Inch EachQTY.$47.33Add to Cart
175R82B-175mm x 8 Inch EachQTY.$37.00Add to Cart