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Fireplace Accessories and More

Fireplace Wood Holder, Andirons, Hearth Rugs, Fireplace Screens, Creosote Removers, Fireplace Cleaning Supplies and so much more...

The Fireplace is a place of warmth and beauty.
Woodman's Parts Plus will supply you with items to help with your Fireplace needs. Please browse through the different items that are used to either help with your burning needs or make your fireplace more inviting. We can supply hearth rugs in a variety of different colors and patterns depending on what your decorating needs are.  All hearth rugs are designed for the hearth area and are approved to be fire-safe
Woodman's Parts Plus also has fireplace screens and Fireplace tools sets in a variety of styles in brass and wrought iron. We offer maintenance items such as creosote remover, furnace cement, and fireplace cleaning supplies like metal cleaners, glass cleaners, and brick cleaners from Rutland Products