Stove Blower Speed Control

Stove Blower Speed Control - Part# ILS-3-8T and Part# ILS-3-8
The Solid state assemblies that provide infinite variable speed control of fans and blowers: This speed control, which is similar to our SC-300 Plug-in Speed Control, has the added convenience of a 7ft. (ILS-3-8T) or 8ft. (ILS-3-8) cord which will reach most outlets.
Rating: 3 AMP, 300 WATTS at 120 VAC for split capacitor, universal and shaded pole motors.

Measurements: ILS-3-8T - 7 ft. , ILS-3-8 - 8 ft.
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Stove Blower Speed Control
ILS-3-8Twith plug-in cord set EachQTY.$78.08Add to Cart
ILS-3-8with stripped leads EachQTY.$60.45Add to Cart