Stove Blower

England Stove Works Stove Blower - Part# AC-16
Variable speed blower with (3) position switch (Off, Low, High). CFM-65. Evens heat flow throughout your heating area by circulating warm air over your stove and around your room. Complete blower assembly.
NOTE: WOOD STOVE OWNERS - Not for radiant stoves (i.e. 24-FC, 50-SHW16 or 50-TRW16), but will work with "12" and "13" freestanding models, and other models listed on this page.
NOTE: Not for insert model stove, for freestanding models only.
NOTE: COAL STOVE OWNERS - For 27-C3000, 50-SHWC3 and 50-TRWC3 only, not for 27-C2000, 50-SHWC2 or 50-TRWC2.

  E  4"
F  2-1/4"
G  2-1/4"


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Stove Blower
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