Replacement Catalytic Combustor - Various Sizes

Replacement Catalytic Combustors for your wood stove. Catalytic Combustor should be replaced every 6 to 8 years or when your wood stove is not running efficiently. If you notice that your wood stove is burning more wood or excessive creosote build-up is present in your chimney it might be time to replace your catalytic combustor in your wood stove.
The Replacement Catalytic Combustor that Woodman's Parts Plus supplies comes with a Manufacturer’s Warranty. A warranty card will be supplied with each combustor that we sell, please fill out and send in when received. This pro-rated warranty will cover your catalytic combustor up to 6 years from the time of purchase as long as the conditions for the warranty are met.
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Replacement Catalytic Combustor - Various Sizes
ACI-27Rectangular 1-7/8 W x 6-7/8 L x 2-1/2 High EachQTY.$94.20Add to Cart
ACI-28CRectangular 1-7/8 W x 14 L x 2 High with can EachQTY.$182.20Add to Cart
ACI-29-Rectangular 2-7/8 W x 6-7/8 L x 2 High EachQTY.$110.90Add to Cart
ACI-29C-Rectangular 2-7/8 W x 6-7/8 L x 2 High with can EachQTY.$136.87Add to Cart
ACI-30Rectangular 3-5/8 W x 6 L x 2 High EachQTY.$122.50Add to Cart
ACI-30C-Rectangular 3-5/8 W x 12 L x 2 High with can EachQTY.$275.63Add to Cart
ACI-31G--Round 5.66 x 2 High with gasket EachQTY.$157.82Add to Cart
ACI-32Rectangular 1-7/8 W x 7 L x 3 High EachQTY.$106.90Add to Cart
ACI-33Rectangular 3-1/2 W x 5 L x 2 High EachQTY.$94.43Add to Cart
ACI-34Rectangular 3-3/8 W x 6-5/8 L x 2 High EachQTY.$119.50Add to Cart
ACI-34CRectangular 6.963 W x 10.888 L x 2 High with can EachQTY.$395.10Add to Cart
ACI-35CRectangular 3.675 W x 9.093 L x 2 High with can EachQTY.$218.50Add to Cart
ACI-36CRectangular 3.675 W x 12.062 L x 2 High with can EachQTY.$265.13Add to Cart
ACI-37C-Rectangular 3 W x 14 L x 2 High with can EachQTY.$244.97Add to Cart
ACI-38Rectangular 2-1/4 W x 6-7/8 H x 3 High EachQTY.$119.60Add to Cart
ACI-39Rectangular 2-1/2 W x 7-1/2 L x 3 High EachQTY.$145.00Add to Cart
ACI-40Rectangular 3-7/8 W x 6-7/8 L x 3 High EachQTY.$211.13Add to Cart
ACI-40CRectangular 3-7/8 W x 6-7/8 L x 3 High with can EachQTY.$235.30Add to Cart
ACI-41Rectangular 2 W x 7 L x 2 High EachQTY.$83.73Add to Cart
ACI-42Rectangular 1-7/8 W x 3-1/4 L x 2 High EachQTY.$42.27Add to Cart
ACI-43Round 5.66 x 2 High EachQTY.$132.00Add to Cart
ACI-44Round 5.66 x 1-1/2 High EachQTY.$99.87Add to Cart
ACI-44CRound 5.66 x 1-1/2 High with can EachQTY.$121.23Add to Cart
ACI-45CRectangular 5-7/8 W x 6-7/8 L x 2 High with can EachQTY.$243.67Add to Cart
ACI-46CRectangular 4 W x 7 L x 2 High with can EachQTY.$167.97Add to Cart
ACI-47-Round 5.4 x 1-1/2 High EachQTY.$87.80Add to Cart
ACI-48-Round 5.66 x 1 High EachQTY.$67.00Add to Cart
ACI-49Round 7 x 1 High EachQTY.$101.87Add to Cart
ACI-50C-Rectangular 7 W x 8.65 L x 2 High with can EachQTY.$339.00Add to Cart
ACI-52C-Rectangular 3-1/2 W x 6 L x 2 High with can EachQTY.$138.27Add to Cart
ACI-53Rectangular 2 W x 5 L x 2 High EachQTY.$72.13Add to Cart