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Custom Ceramic Glass

Custom Stove Glass 
Robax® Brand 7/32", 1400ºF
High Temperature Glass
The Clear Choice!
  • Superior Mechanical Strength
  • Best Overall Thermal Endurance
  • High Clarity, Easy Clean Surface
  • Approved for Wood and Coal Stoves
  • Fire to Ice Without Breaking

Custom Glass is available in the shapes below in order to find the pricing for your glass
you would have to take the length x width and then multiply by .75 to get your cost

"Do not use Windex or any other ammonia based cleaner to clean glass
Because we said so! No really, when heated the ammonia will etch the glass and in time, cause spider webbing and possible breakage."
(Jotul Bulletin, December 2008)

 Rect.jpg  Rect_Notches.jpg       HouseShape.jpg          Arch.jpg      Arch_Notches.jpg       

If you would like to order custom glass for your wood stove or coal stove
please supply us with the following information.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Manufacturer and model of stove (if known)
  • Dimensions (length and width) of  glass to be cut.

We will call and confirm your order, along with pricing.  *All order will have an additional shipping charge.
Please e-mail your information to sales@woodmanspartsplus.com

Note: If glass is rectangle shape we will not need a pattern, BUT if the glass has an arch or notches we will need
a pattern to cut the glass. Glass will be cut to the dimensions you give to us, if your dimensions are not right there will be a
* Shipping is done by weight and zip code.