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When should a wood stove part or coal stove part be replaced and is it safe to burn a wood or coal stove with a crack in a cast iron piece on the stove? We suggest that if a part is showing signs of wear that the wood stove part or coal stove part should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent having a fire or smoke in your home. Looking for Vermont Castings Stove Parts, try searching by manufacturer and model number.

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Using Hopper Fed Coal Stoves
Many European and some American coal stoves use a hopper to hold coal that is to be fed onto the fire. Some popular brands that use this design are: Surdiac Efel Franco-Belge Certain Vermont Castings Vigilant Models
Considerations when purchasing a used wood stove.
In the late 60s to late 70s most stoves that were built were not regulated or tested. UL approved stoves did not become common until 1979. Note that UL tests are often performed by other labs such as Warnock Hersey, Intertek and Omni.
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