Gas Grill Valve

Gas Grill Valve, part # 385A0
Gas Grill Valve with 45 degree angled Gas Grill Orifice snout built to accept 5/16-32 threaded spud type Gas Grill Orifice (not provided). 
Gas Grill Valve mounts to the left side of the original up-front control Gas Grill Manifold assembly.
Fits Arkla Gas Grills, Thermos and Structo Gas Grills, and others Gas Grills with this thread sized Gas Grill Orifice.
D = 9; 8mm stem
"D" value indicates the position of the flat portion of the valve stem. "D" is specified as 12, 3, 6, or 9 o'clock. Knobs must have the same "D" value as the values they are used with.
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Gas Grill Valve
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