Stove Gasket Various Packages

Stove Gasket Kits
Different sizes, available in both white and black.

  • Available in 6',7' or 8' length* in a variety of sizes.
  • WC1AWK and the WC1ABK is gasket material used on glass in a wood or coal stoves this material is available in a 4 1/2' package. This is available in White and Black.
  • Gasket cement is sold separately for installation.
  • *Gasket kit can vary in length +/- (1) feet.


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Stove Gasket Various Packages
R12PWK1/2" Rope x 6ft, Rope  EachQTY.$10.71Add to Cart
R38PWK3/8" Rope x 6ft, Rope EachQTY.$10.43Add to Cart
R14PWK1/4" x 6ft, Rope EachQTY.$7.73Add to Cart
R516PWK 5/16" x 6ft, Rope EachQTY.$9.66Add to Cart
R58PWK5/8" x 6ft, Rope EachQTY.$12.13Add to Cart
R34PWK3/4" x 6ft, Rope EachQTY.$18.80Add to Cart
R78PWK7/8" x 6ft, Rope EachQTY.$27.14Add to Cart
R1PWK1" x 6ft, Rope EachQTY.$24.72Add to Cart
R114PWK1 1/4" x 6ft, Rope EachQTY.$33.89Add to Cart
T1812PWK1/2" Tape, 6ft EachQTY.$8.34Add to Cart
T1858PWK5/8" Tape, 6ft EachQTY.$8.34Add to Cart
T1834PWK3/4" Tape, 6ft EachQTY.$14.47Add to Cart
T181PWK1" Tape, 6ft EachQTY.$9.95Add to Cart
WC1AWK-Window Channel w/adhesive backing, White, 4-1/2 ft PackQTY.$15.20Add to Cart
WC1ABK-Window Channel w/adhesive backing, Black, 4-1/2 ft PackQTY.$10.28Add to Cart
R316ROPE3/16 Rope CUT Per FootQTY.$1.35Add to Cart
2TRMTB180316VC1/8" x 3/16" x 8', Tape PackQTY.$14.07Add to Cart
2TRGB7808CS7/8" x 8', Rope Black COUNTRY STOVE PackQTY.$30.50Add to Cart
2TRGB7808L7/8" x 8', Rope Black LOPI PackQTY.$26.79Add to Cart
3441-5/16" x 4.25', Wiremesh Rope PackQTY.$7.40Add to Cart
93-11/16" x 4.5', Tape PackQTY.$11.32Add to Cart
Use with
E-Z Spread Stove Gasket Cement